Sense of Tears Dimyat

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The beautiful sister of Tsar Ivan Shishman – Kera Tamara had to go to sultan Murad in order to keep the peace between the two rulers. In order to keep the peace between the countries she agreed and when she left she took prolonged goodbyes with her favourite places. From her tears grew vines that were Dimyat. From the grapes people made delicate and fragrant wine like the tears of Kera Tamara.
Alcoholic volume – 13%

Organoleptic characteristics
Partially fermented and matured in oak barrels.

Colour: sparkling pale yellow
Aroma: flowers, acacia, honey and lemon, light hints of vanilla
Taste: fresh, soft structured, the taste is again dominated by honey, lemon and vanilla

Goes well with salads, delicate fish, and white meats. Great aperitif.