Kera Tamara Sauvignon Blanc

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History of the brand: Kera Tamara is the daughter of Tsar Ivan Alexander and sister to Tsar Ivan Shishman – the last Bulgarian ruler. She was famous for her beauty and piety, as well as with the Tsar’s love for her. Because of these facts did Sultan Murad I requested her for his wife in the name of the truce between the two rulers.
Alcoholic content – 14%

Organoleptic properties:
Colour: Sparkling pale yellow with a green hue.
Aroma: Flowery aroma, freshly picked herbs, apple, citrus and southern fruits.
Taste: Fresh, rounded body with a soft structure, the taste is dominated by yellow apple and grapefruit.

Pair with salads with lemon dressing, asparagus starters, marinated seafood, delicate fish, white meat.