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Abaut usWe are the Ivanov family – Svetla and Iliya, together with our two sons Petar and Vladimir. Together with our friend – winemaker and agronomist Stefan Choranov we created Maryan Winery in 2010. Our aim is to make small series of wine, continuing the winemaking traditions of the unique Elena region with love and faith.

We named the winery after the village of Maryan. This is where we make our wines. The history of the village goes back to the legend of Kera Tamara – daughter of Tsar Ivan Alexander and sister of Tsar Ivan Shishman – the last Bulgarian ruler.

The winery is built at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain. A place the has the best conditions for making our unique wines.

We choose only the best grapes, from controlled vineyards, for our wines.

The technological equipment was tailormade according to the classical winemaking techniques for our winery.

In the names of our wines we put a little piece of history from the glorious Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Please Enjoy.